• All Natural

    Our candles are made with all natural soy wax free of dyes. Eliminating the harmful effects of chemical wax. The rough tops and cream color are a natural look for the candle.

  • Nostalgic

    Each of our scents have been made with South Asia in mind. Our aim is to bring you nostalgic scents that will evoke your memories of home no matter where you are.

  • Dye and Phthalate Free

    All our products are made with no dyes, or phthalates. 

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About Us

Traveling back and forth from home to Pakistan has always been something I've been excited about. After spending countless years in Pakistan and more to come, I'd always miss the scents, sounds, and experiences that I had witnessed once I got home. I wanted to be able to create a way to experience a small portion of that no matter where I was. Candles have always been a way for someone to relax and reminisce good times while recharging from a long busy day. From this, I realized that creating a candle company inspired by South Asia would be the perfect way to fill a home with memories of our culture and heritage. Each candle is carefully hand poured in small batches giving you a sense of personalization in every candle. Once you light a candle, I hope that this collection can take you back to your own memories as it did mine.

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